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20412, RE: Apologies
Posted by guerilla_love, Thu Oct-26-00 11:39 AM
>I asked it not to
>defend the U.S. military, but
>the people who enlist.
>For many people, the military
>is the only option for
>college tuition and making a
>better lives for themselves.
>Just b/c none of us
>had to do it, assuming
>that is the case, we
>shouldn't judge those who do.

that's what i was saying, how can you put a price on your education and your future and why the hell do you have to make a choice like that in the first place!

i'm not in the military, but i'm not gonna fault people for joining the army in order to pursue their goals. i'm just gonna say man, that's a hard decision you had to make.