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Topic subjectRE: am i for or against the military?
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20410, RE: am i for or against the military?
Posted by guerilla_love, Thu Oct-26-00 10:59 AM
i am for people gettin the education and employment that they need and deserve and that they shouldn't have to sign a contract for.

i am all for the opportunities that the military has to offer.

but am i for the military? how much is education worth to you? employment? your life? some things ya can't put a price tag or a weight on. if ya could, you could guage the military.

and really, once you start discussing military conflicts, you've openned up quite another huge can of worms. the us military is sanctimonious and stupid. kinda like a big frisky dog in a china shop. they say that they're peacemakers, but they hafta choose sides instead of looking at the humanity of the thing. they say they care about humanity, but they think with their damned wallets. and then they employ scapegoat soldiers, like they are in sierra leone right now.

and i could get into a discussion of the media. really, i think your little question is too big... because one thing tumbles into another...