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Topic subjectRE: Question??? for Justice
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20401, RE: Question??? for Justice
Posted by JUSTICE, Fri Oct-27-00 08:02 AM
Individualism is the whole problem. Socailism failed due to Stalin's counter revolution of 1919 amd the concentration of forces to the front lines of WWI, and the collapse of the 3rd international. Socialism is not the be all, end all, answer to the ill of society, no "ism" can be. It is however, a first step to class deconstruction, and an form of "insurance" if you will that the poor and working class can get an education, health care, and a true chance ot equality. Reread "First Step". It is also a fact that when the Bolshevik Revolution happened in 1917 that the largest imports to the region were literature and art supplies. On a separate note, art being witout cost, or profit is true individual freedom. Individualism is what perpetuates greed, and prevents unity of a working class.

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