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20398, class/race
Posted by illosopher, Thu Oct-26-00 10:11 PM
I'm sure in time they will see how class has created race, but remember these cats are from down south. Most southerners i know are mad anti-white, i guess for good reason. unless your are from the south or spent some time there, you can't even speak on a Southerners racial perspective. In my band we have a White dude from Bethlehem, Pa (D-Best), and one southerner from around the same part of FLA (E-Funk). E-Funk was so amazed that D-Best was a genuine, sensitive, and culturally hip White Guy. He thought all white guys were either stiff Al Gores or Fred Durst wannabee Wiggers. But a chill white guy he could not fathom. He couldn't believe he was real, he thought a White Guy like him couldn't exist! I think this indicative of how Dead Prez looks at whites, i'm sure their view will grow. Hey Malcolm used to say the type of stuff, until he met some real white cats, so let's hope the Dp'z do the same. My opinion is that they won't until they leave the U.S., or meet my man D-Best.