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Topic subjectRE: Bullshit Dead Prez statement
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20397, RE: Bullshit Dead Prez statement
Posted by JUSTICE, Thu Oct-26-00 03:06 PM
I speak often here in San Diego with the Mumia Coalition, I work and demonstrate with the IAC, and have been knoown to run with International Socialist Organization http://www.internationalsocialist.org so the answer is yes.
I do not doubt Dead Prez ability to become leaders in a revolutionary movement, and I do like thier album a lot. I just think there are statements that need to be made with tact, and solutions proposed within that particular album. I also understand that I can not know thier experiences because of regional, and racial divides. However I believe in my heart that Dead Prez has a lot of realizations to make before what they say, and reality can merge, the most prominent being slanderous towards "whitey" I know the difference between a poor white working class man that (for all I know) could be considered an enemy, and a priveledged upper class white man hell bent on profit and class struggle.

You know Bakunin? Really?

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