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Topic subjectThank you truely Koala
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20391, Thank you truely Koala
Posted by JUSTICE, Thu Oct-26-00 12:12 PM
>The author of this thread is
>from what I remember
>a very resourceful supporter of
>socialist theory.

The passion that
>he represents is not that
>of a common listener being
>offended but someone who values
>socialist ideas that dead prez
>(who claim somewhat to be
>socialist) seem to contradict.

Thank you.

>I think the disagreement is more
>a matter of interprative assessments
>than a challenge to the
>fundamental socialist theories.
>1. I dont think Dead Prez
>would ever advocate killing Black

Thats what I was wondering, but if the national guard converged on one of their concerts are they even gonna do shit to stop EVERYone's heads getting bashed? If they did become combative will they pick out only "white" guardsmen?

>2. I dont think Dead Prez
>said here that they would
>kill their cousins.

upon relistening I was mistaken, what they still said was questionable to me..

>3. The only case that they
>might feel or claim to
>be justified in killing their
>cousins would probably be under
>the circumstances of full scale
>revolutionary assault- and under those
>circumstances given their commitment surely
>we can understand why killing
>fam may not be righteous-
>but damn sure necessary.
>If they raise a gun to
>you- they are not a
I concur, but the working class military probably joined to escape extreme poverty (as were the case with most of my family) so there's a good possibility they can be revolutionaries, and who better than those who are trained????

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