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Topic subjectRE: Bullshit Dead Prez statement
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20386, RE: Bullshit Dead Prez statement
Posted by k_orr, Thu Oct-26-00 08:38 AM
>All do respect to thier "attempts"
>to be revolutionaries.

I have a little more respect for them nowadays.

>The particular statement I have a
>problem with is this:
>"I got cousins in the military,
>as far as I'm concerned
>they die" No true
>revolutionary would wish death upon
>thier working class comrades, and
>no true Socialist would kill
>thier blood born family or
>speak about it with no

Where is this stated in the literature?

I believe that Dead
>Prez make many statements for
>shock value rather than to
>actually change anything.

They are trying to get a charter school together just like the panthers did back in the day.

>Dead Prez
>are quoted "All these teachers
>can suck my dick...." Wouldn't
>it be more effective to
>say "All these teachers can
>check the curriculum(sp) and make
>the education system right, and
>the student can too"

Perhaps, but these folks aren't politicians. On top of that they are young. You can't expect them to be polished and have rhyming policy statements with full footnotes and addenda.

k. orr