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Topic subjectRE: Bullshit Dead Prez statement
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20378, RE: Bullshit Dead Prez statement
Posted by Shimmy, Thu Oct-26-00 08:01 AM
Its difficult to critically look at the message of an artist.As a musician, painter, dancer etc, can you express a politically conscious message in a artistic manner?
We expect politicians and activists to choose their words carefully, to ensure their message is conveyed as accurately as possible.Should we expect the same from a poet?

For instance--is their art to be considered a reflection of their reality, versus a statement of their position?Is the effect meant to promote discussion, expose an issue, or merely to piss people off?

This was always an arguement around punk rock lyrics in the 80's.I remember all the attempts to decipher Dead Kennedy lyrics--probably one of the most political bands ever--but their lyrics taken out of the "punk rock" context were shocking(to say the least!!!)

I've always felt, as a consumer of underground music, that I was intelligent enough to take what I needed from a song. I also think I am strong enough in my positions to not be manipulated by an artist's opinion.

Mos Def is a current example of this for me...I absolutly love Black on Both sides.He makes some pretty contentious statements which I disagree with. Not enough of an issue for me not see and appreciate the art behind the message. Plus, I respect his right to hold those opinions.And, I also appreciate the fact he has enough passion to write about these ideas.

I think the world is richer because these artists are talking about what is real...rather than some formulatic crap generated strictly to make money.