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Topic subjectBullshit Dead Prez statement
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20377, Bullshit Dead Prez statement
Posted by JUSTICE, Thu Oct-26-00 07:09 AM
All do respect to thier "attempts" to be revolutionaries.
The particular statement I have a problem with is this:
"I got cousins in the military, as far as I'm concerned they die" No true revolutionary would wish death upon thier working class comrades, and no true Socialist would kill thier blood born family or speak about it with no remorse. I believe that Dead Prez make many statements for shock value rather than to actually change anything. Many working class revolutionaries know the importance of treating the military as comrades in the same working class. Also no one should advocate violence except in the case of seld defense. Also in They Schools, Dead Prez are quoted "All these teachers can suck my dick...." Wouldn't it be more effective to say "All these teachers can check the curriculum(sp) and make the education system right, and the student can too"

I do not subscribe to the brand of thought Dead Prez is SELLING.

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