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Topic subjectRE: You gotta take that up with george
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20314, RE: You gotta take that up with george
Posted by guest, Tue Nov-14-00 09:34 AM

>If you do vote, and he
>still wins. At least you
>tried to get him out.

Youve avoided the question yet again- how is the resulting situation any different between the voter and the none voter?

>If they take away some right
>that you have, that someone
>else may not have done
>if you had voted.

if they take away rights- that situation applies to both the voter and the non voter- again where is the difference? You are no less under the whim of the government than a non voter.

>>thank you
>But there are less corrupt places.
>You could move there.

corruption isnt my concern- its threat and ruin by colonialist and imperialist nations- the first and foremost of which is this one. Sure I could move there but if Im to live in fear of the US trampling my peoples development I might as well live here.

Show me a nation (one that hasnt already been desolated by imperialism preferrably) where this nation has no influence and Ill show you a guerilla faction that is being funded covertly by the US government to gain that influence.

>Just because it's never been easy
>doesn't mean it's not harder

The fact is its always been hard- considering the idea of how much harder it is now is a waste of time. Surely you dont think that "because its harder" is a good excuse to abandon the struggle .

>>>I'm not waiting for a revolution.
>>umm zesi- thats EXACTLY what you're
>You're right about that. I'm waiting
>for some kind of revolution,
>but I don't think armed
>revolution is so feasible anymore.
>But I'm not content with
>planning to have a revolution
>when people continue to suffer...I'd
>rather help them concretely...NOW...without having
>to have them wait on
>something that just may not
>work. Maybe I don't know
>about many revolutionary movements, but
>what are they doing for
>the people now?

The problem is our people are determined to wait for a revolution and thats not how revolutions work. YOU MUST PARTICIPATE. If you dont at least study the revolutionary movements your idea that they arent doing anything for the people is useless- you admittedly wouldnt have a clue.

You claim for concrete results- name one.

I suggest you study the plans for revolution before you are so willing to dismiss them- quite obviously you dont know the first thing yet you are determined that they arent in our best interests and not effective. thats just not true.