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Topic subjectIm not fussing
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20311, Im not fussing
Posted by guest, Tue Nov-14-00 09:48 AM
this is what i call a discussion

apparently you think Im fussing cuz you have yet to relinquish the ideas you started out with and you insist that my intention is to strip you of those determinations.

I said from the very start that voting can be effective in certain capacities my whole point was for us to understand however that there are ideologies and movements that prescribe alternatives to voting, solutions to community concerns,and good reasons to not participate.

You've spent alot of time championing the cause of voting but my intention wasnt to dispute that. My point was that if you have lost faith in the system (particularly voting) or never had such faith then there are a variety of political movements and even rights that you can participate in and assist in our struggle. You disregarded those movements not necessarily cuz you dont agree with them but because you obviously dont know anything about them- thats fine - I knew that from the start - my point was if thats the case then be courteous to people and a forum that might see those things explained.

Certainly we can work together- we already are; but this cant just mean you hoping that ill join you in an election booth one day- cuz i probably wont. First it means understanding each other's determination and maybe even studying the ideas of their determination. I know about voting and its potential- perhaps you should look into the movements Ive suggested.

Please do that before you tell somebody else that the movement hasnt done anything for your people- especially if from that you conclude that voting has.