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20309, RE: You gotta take that up with george
Posted by Zesi, Tue Nov-14-00 07:24 AM
>>I did answer the question. You
>>could have a close election
>>(and I remember david duke
>>getting a lot of votes),
>>and if u dont come
>>out, the worse candidate wins.
>>If they had voted against him,
>>maybe they wouldn't have a
>>KKK leader kickin their behind.
>>That's the thing.
>The issue that was raised is
>the heavy price of not
>voting. The point is whether
>you vote or not you're
>still in the same boat.
>In the situation you suggest
>I may have some sense
>of satisfaction when David Duke
>doesnt get elected but i
>still live in a community
>where a lot of people
>voted for him. Whats the
>difference if I do vote
>and david Duke still wins?

If you do vote, and he still wins. At least you tried to get him out.

>>I'm not totally under its whim.
>>They don't make me go
>>places, see people, love people,
>>do things, believe things, make
>>sure I only have so
>>many children, write things they
>>want me to write...etc.
>>Most of their activity, Koala, not
>so then how is a non
>voter under its whim any
>moreso than you- they arent
>compelled to do the things
>you suggested?

If they take away some right that you have, that someone else may not have done if you had voted.

>>>>So Koala, why don't you move?
>>>find me a place that hasnt
>>>been threatened or ruined by
>>>this system and Ill think
>>>about it
>>Not a one.

>thank you

But there are less corrupt places.
You could move there.

>>>>Planning a revolution?
>>>what Im telling you is that
>>>many plans are already in
>>>effect- I dont need to
>>>plan one I just need
>>>to join one. This extends
>>>to all people.
>>Revolution is a much harder concept
>>than it was years ago.
>Bullshit- revolution has NEVER been an
>easy premise.

Just because it's never been easy doesn't mean it's not harder now.

>>Multinational corporations have their finger in
>>every government they're in (and
>>often they're in the US).
>>I'm a pessimist, and don't
>>see how revolution would work
>>unless you had a nuclear
>>weapon pointed to Capitol Hill
>>(which means you'd radiate the
>>people of Chocolate City). Revolution
>>still could work.
>>I'm not waiting for a revolution.
>umm zesi- thats EXACTLY what you're

You're right about that. I'm waiting for some kind of revolution, but I don't think armed revolution is so feasible anymore. But I'm not content with planning to have a revolution when people continue to suffer...I'd rather help them concretely...NOW...without having to have them wait on something that just may not work. Maybe I don't know about many revolutionary movements, but what are they doing for the people now?


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