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Topic subjectRE: You gotta take that up with george
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20308, RE: You gotta take that up with george
Posted by guest, Tue Nov-14-00 05:55 AM

>I did answer the question. You
>could have a close election
>(and I remember david duke
>getting a lot of votes),
>and if u dont come
>out, the worse candidate wins.
>If they had voted against him,
>maybe they wouldn't have a
>KKK leader kickin their behind.
>That's the thing.

The issue that was raised is the heavy price of not voting. The point is whether you vote or not you're still in the same boat. In the situation you suggest I may have some sense of satisfaction when David Duke doesnt get elected but i still live in a community where a lot of people voted for him. Whats the difference if I do vote and david Duke still wins?

>I'm not totally under its whim.
>They don't make me go
>places, see people, love people,
>do things, believe things, make
>sure I only have so
>many children, write things they
>want me to write...etc.
>Most of their activity, Koala, not

so then how is a non voter under its whim any moreso than you- they arent compelled to do the things you suggested?

>>>So Koala, why don't you move?
>>find me a place that hasnt
>>been threatened or ruined by
>>this system and Ill think
>>about it
>Not a one.

thank you

>>>Planning a revolution?
>>what Im telling you is that
>>many plans are already in
>>effect- I dont need to
>>plan one I just need
>>to join one. This extends
>>to all people.
>Revolution is a much harder concept
>than it was years ago.

Bullshit- revolution has NEVER been an easy premise.

>Multinational corporations have their finger in
>every government they're in (and
>often they're in the US).
>I'm a pessimist, and don't
>see how revolution would work
>unless you had a nuclear
>weapon pointed to Capitol Hill
>(which means you'd radiate the
>people of Chocolate City). Revolution
>still could work.
>I'm not waiting for a revolution.

umm zesi- thats EXACTLY what you're doing.