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Topic subjectRE: You gotta take that up with george
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20306, RE: You gotta take that up with george
Posted by guest, Tue Nov-14-00 03:33 AM

>The dismantling of affirmative action is
>a reality...
>california, maybe?

see what i mean.

>>how is the price of not
>>voting any different from the
>>price of voting- do voters
>>get different rights. do voters
>>get to live in different
>>parts of the country?
>Not voting can mean the difference
>between electing bad candidate and
>a worse one. You think
>black people in Louisiana woulda
>been happy with David Duke
>as their governor? I don't
>think so.

you're avoiding the question- how does the price differ for the non voter- how is there situation any different from the person who voted? If David Duke had been elected would the fact that they didnt vote for him save them any trouble?

>>CMON ZESI- how are you not
>>under the whim of whoever
>>is in charge of the
>Because voting still carries some weight.
>Remember the Social Security example?
>Don't wanna bring it up
>again. And we're less under
>the control of the government
>than under the control of
>corporate interest.
>Which is a bigger machine than
>government could ever be (unless
>the government took over the
>private sector...highly unlikely.)

still not answering the question- remember the crack import example- the story of freeway rick? who are you not under the whim of the government when most of their activity takes place without your consent or even your knowledge?

>So Koala, why don't you move?

find me a place that hasnt been threatened or ruined by this system and Ill think about it

>Planning a revolution?

what Im telling you is that many plans are already in effect- I dont need to plan one I just need to join one. This extends to all people.