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Topic subjectRE: You gotta take that up with george
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20305, RE: You gotta take that up with george
Posted by Zesi, Mon Nov-13-00 12:57 PM
>>There are degrees of bad. bad
>>and reeeeeaaallly bad. Imagine a
>>black community without affirmative action.
>>that's crack + the return
>>to poverty for the few
>>that actually got out.
>What good is affirmative action when
>the government can import crack
>into our community at will?
>Your argument is for the
>sake of what might happen
>and what might not yet
>you claim to be dealing
>in the scope of reality.

The dismantling of affirmative action is a reality...
california, maybe?

>>The price of not voting is
>>too high to pay, unless
>>u can topple the system.
>how is the price of not
>voting any different from the
>price of voting- do voters
>get different rights. do voters
>get to live in different
>parts of the country?

Not voting can mean the difference between electing bad candidate and a worse one. You think black people in Louisiana woulda been happy with David Duke as their governor? I don't think so.

>CMON ZESI- how are you not
>under the whim of whoever
>is in charge of the

Because voting still carries some weight. Remember the Social Security example? Don't wanna bring it up again. And we're less under the control of the government than under the control of corporate interest.
Which is a bigger machine than government could ever be (unless the government took over the private sector...highly unlikely.)

So Koala, why don't you move?
Planning a revolution?


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