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20303, RE: You gotta take that up with george
Posted by Zesi, Mon Nov-13-00 09:03 AM
>I dont see how any other
>reasoning posed extends beyond being
>ideological. You claim that voting
>helps things from getting worse
>and thats a nice idea
>but its certainly not true
>in practice- things continue to
>get worse (crack).

There are degrees of bad. bad and reeeeeaaallly bad. Imagine a black community without affirmative action. that's crack + the return to poverty for the few that actually got out.

>as for clean hands- paying taxes
>has nothing to do with
>this- we're talking about the
>idea of complaining about the
>government and voting. Carlin disputes
>the idea that those who
>dont vote dont have the
>right to complain. His logic
>is pretty sound.

The price of not voting is too high to pay, unless u can topple the system. What has Carlin given to the US community?

You either vote, and possibly get some of the things you want(if the candidate you like best wins), and many that you don't
or you don't vote, and are completely under the whim of whoever is in charge of the government.


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