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Topic subjectRE: What are you talking about?
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20295, RE: What are you talking about?
Posted by guest, Mon Nov-13-00 08:39 AM
>>What you fail to admit is
>>that Black people also fought
>>to not participate and resist
>>this government at all costs.
>>That presents a contradiction in
>>our obligations. Would Garvey tell
>>me to vote?
>Not all black people. Garvey actually
>had a plan to move
>black people out, so he
>probably woulda figured that we'd
>all be gone before there'd
>be any reason to vote.

The contradiction diminishes the obligation- the point is we CANT do them all as you suggest cuz some of them contradict others. I never said all Black people but certainly more Black people have died for the cause of resistance than voting.

>I can look into other politics--I'm
>not aligned with any party
>because none of them seem
>to have my best interest
>in mind.

I think you have politics confused with parties. alternative politics are those that i suggested- socialism, separatism, etc.

>>you're not even considering the reasons-
>>you're considering the excuses. Is
>>rastafarianism not valid?
>It is valid. But I would
>hazard that most people who
>don't vote aren't rastafari, or
>belong to belief systems that
>prevent them from voting.

I never made that claim- I only represented that some people have such reasoning and to that you claimed they werent valid to you- now you've changed your mind.