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Topic subjectRE: Never said that
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20287, RE: Never said that
Posted by guest, Mon Nov-13-00 09:06 AM
>Never said I was defending the
>system. I'm just working within
>the reality of the situation.

You're working within a very limited scope of the reality of the situation. I suggested you look into other systems of politics- you declined becuase the two party system "holds more power" some would argue that it only holds that power cuz you give it to them. Perhaps if you gave your energy to other movements youd find that more changes are made on our behalf or at the very least there is an intention of good will.

>Many things have to go through
>Congress. Like I mentioned before,
>Social Security does not serve
>corporate interests at all. Yet,
>it's still around...and only because
>the elderly come out and
>vote fairly consistently.

And crack is still around cuz the government you enable brought it here without your knowledge or your consent much less your vote. hmmmmm compare the benefit of social secuirty to the detriment of the crack epidemic- are you so sure the changes you vote for are enough- even you admit that social security isnt.