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20286, RE: Never said that
Posted by Zesi, Mon Nov-13-00 08:57 AM
Never said I was defending the system. I'm just working within the reality of the situation.

>You're defending a system that you
>admit doesnt work as well
>for Blacks as it works
>for itself.

Well, let's see. In certain key areas, we do have a voice. Definitely not in everything, and not in all the things that could be detrimental to us.

>I dont understand how much easier
>voting can make it when
>the government can enact any
>detrimental policy it wants and
>you have no say in
>the matter despite the fact
>that voting gives you a

Many things have to go through Congress. Like I mentioned before, Social Security does not serve corporate interests at all. Yet, it's still around...and only because the elderly come out and vote fairly consistently.


"You might as well pay attention/ you can't afford free speech" -George Clinton

"People need to stop saying that there is one way to be--and then the issue will disappear." Ntozake Shange-interview in _Mother_ _Jones_

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