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Topic subjectif you cant stand the heat...
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20279, if you cant stand the heat...
Posted by guest, Mon Nov-13-00 05:22 AM
Has any of my logic on the voting issue been unclear; have my explanations been false or incomplete? It bothers me that people have time to point stuff like this out after the fact when the opportunity is more than available to challenge my ideas when i say them. If you have work to do- then look the thread up in your spare time you're not obligated to match my frequency just the srticulation of your ideas.

if you have particular issues point them out- i have invited everyone to do so

as for me and you- i dont know you so the idea that we dont get along is not fair. we have discussions- sometimes we have differing opinions- that is to be expected. I wont stop posting if im in argument cuz i believe in what i say and hope to be heard- or even understood.

if anybody has a dispute theyd like to raise- please raise it and no more of this vague hindsight commentary