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20267, RE: I agree I think
Posted by guest, Fri Nov-10-00 12:23 PM
The problem with Black revolutionaries is that they have no good reason to undermine the race classification that pervades this society. It would be a major strategic risk. For them Black people are the low/working class and while "whites" exist in the exact same social conditions their category places them above their peers.

Although I insist that race classification is a false, baseless, and demeaning system it is nonetheless the way of the land.

The Black revolutionary whether they are aware of this or not must make their strategies accomodate only the people that will go along- only the people they can trust. only the comrades.

to be frank- we cant trust "white" people

Im hoping that spreading the message of race fallacy will give us a clearer delineation of who we can trust and who we cant or at least who we can respect and who will continue to hide behind lies, im hoping it will give so called "white" people a chance to determine themselves beyond what the (class) system provides for them but even in all the talking Ive done and all the minds Ive supposedly changed

how many people still think they're "white"?

how many people will fall back on that when you tell them that the new Black nation involves living in the socialized presumption of "poverty" and being humble enough to value only that which the earth provides. The difference between the "White" and Black working class is that the "whites" believe they have a right to luxury and privilege whereas the Blacks want those same rights but understand that those rights arent for them.

the Black revolutionary cant build a nation from that constituency- im not saying you can trust all Black people to be down for the struggle but at least we can trust that the US government has no good intentions for them so if they sell out and try to cross lines they'll more than likely get caught in the crossfire. Dissenting "White" people would be welcomed and would compromise the resistance.

dont get me wrong- i wish it didnt have to be that way. you know im dedicated to the task of getting "whites" to dissolve their race classification but i dont have much faith in that- they are already disatisfied with the alternatives that are obvious and waiting for them.

The Black revolutionary intends to defend the working class but as much as that working class presumes the race classification of the state their pathologies are too derisive to be included within our security. The more they consider themselves "white" the more they are willing to be percieved as something superior to the common man.

you know the ranks of socialism better than i do- is a guy who presumes he's biologically better than his comrades a comrade at all?

If the "white" working class was dedicated to the premise of self determination beyond that which demeans human integrity- the force of the working class combined would surely topple the government institution unfortunately the "white" working class still has its identity vested almost entirely in the class system.