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Topic subjectdouble posts suck.
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20260, double posts suck.
Posted by BooDaah, Fri Nov-10-00 07:30 AM
>Me and Boodah are at odds
>about why Black people should

for anyone who reads this. no we're not. after reading this very empassioned post (and agreeing with 99.9% of it), i'm really wishing he could have not misrepresented me. but whateverman.

i don't disagree withthe brothers reasons or stance one iota. i agree with some of the things he says, and with some of the logic he uses when arguing his points, but frankly what i agree with/don't agree with doesn't matter a hill to a hill of beans outside what I do to express MY ideologies/rights/wishes.

>You should vote if you have
>faith in the system (and
>have nothing to compel you
>to not register with it)

personally, i think you should vote based upon your own convictions about it. period. i also think someone telling others what they SHOULD do is a slippery slope. one must avoid doing the very thing to others that they take umbrage to someone doing to them.

beyond that...i say: listen to k, he knows things.