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Topic subjectRE: who are we buying this land from?
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20250, RE: who are we buying this land from?
Posted by guest, Mon Nov-13-00 06:45 AM
In no way am I saying that enacting these rights will keep you safe from intervention by the state. Owning land only means that youll have something to defend when the US government makes moves that many are willing to conclude are inevitable.

much the same with bearing arms and voting- you have those rights but chances are participating with the us government in any fashion will typically leave you with the short end of the stick.

This thread provides demonstration of those rights that many argue that our people died for, they are not necessarily my plans for a revolution but the rights that are available but seldom used.

If the government takes my land- what can i do, my solution would be take up residency in other areas of solidarity- if the government takes those too well then itll probably be about time for war.