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20246, unfortunately ...
Posted by el_rey, Fri Nov-10-00 11:15 AM

>My concern is- we're all gonna
>have to get knocked back
>to this reality as the
>revolution comes to fruition. My
>point is many communities are
>living fruitfully in that reality
>as we speak.

many more are slaves to the very system they are supposedly trying to overcome/destroy. I find that generally speaking, so-called revolutionaries are still far too caught up in the material trappings of capitalism/consumerism to figure out how valuable something like Gandhi's philosophy/strategy of non-cooperation can be to breaking free of their oppression.

My point has always been to try and realize decolonization on ALL levels: material, spiritual, ethical, emotional, educational. We need to check ourselves and understand where our very convictions come from and look within them for the same patterns of oppositional consciousness that we're fighting. But I'm getting off the point.

You don't know how glad I was when Arrested Development dropped "Children Play w/ Earth." I always wondered how much they meant it.

love and respect,
El Rey


not only am I a co-founder of the HBN, I'm a (daily) client. ;-)

"yo he preferido hablar de cosas imposibles ... porque de lo posible, se sabe demasiado" -- Silvio Rodriguez