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Posted by guest, Fri Nov-10-00 09:42 AM
>land ownership (title) is ultimately determined
>by reference to government records,
>right? So wouldn't squatting
>be just as effective?

no landownership also invokes properties of community establishment and development. Squatters can be removed - if you remove a landowner (in theory) you have and entire community to address.

>Also, if ownership in the eyes
>of the government is the
>goal, don't overlook California and
>Florida, where homesteading is the
>law (perhaps some other states
>as well). Under the
>law, essentially, you can be
>stripped of all other assets
>to pay bad debts, but
>you can protect all or
>a part of your equity
>in the property.
>And while home ownership and land
>ownership are slightly different, for
>most people in the world,
>irrespective of race, they amount
>to the same thing.
>Home ownership without land ownership
>= trailer. Land ownership
>without home ownership usually =
>investment property, which usually follows
>home ownership rather than precedes

you guys really dont see it do you

land ownership means land

land means earth

earth means crops

crops mean food and all sorts of resources.

Im not talking about mansions people Im talking about villages and communes and farms; owning land that can nourish you- not just a lot that you can invest in.