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20240, just one thought
Posted by janey, Fri Nov-10-00 06:54 AM
"You have the right to own land- by and large Black people dont own SHIT- this must change."

"By and large" may be correct, but at the time of the civil unrest in 92, LA papers were reporting this interesting statistic: A higher percentage of homeowners per capita in South Central Los Angeles than in Pasadena. Pasadena, for those lucky enough to not live in the LA area (apologies BooDaah, you would be the only reason to live there), is a wealthy, predomininantly white (sorry K, just using this as shorthand) suburb of Los Angeles.

This statistic was cited in rebuttal of the largely white, largely wealthy perception that Blacks were tearing up the city because they had no ownership stake in it.

I agree with you that home ownership is a good thing. But I would be interested to see more hard information on this issue.