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Topic subjectVoting:other side of the game
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20239, Voting:other side of the game
Posted by guest, Fri Nov-10-00 06:40 AM
Im not saying that no one should vote- dont misunderstand me. I hope that any of your impressions of my views still allows you to understand that I see value in a variety of political strategies.

Most importantly i find that diverse political strategies are the best solution to the Black American situation.

Conducting these discussions has been difficult because Im not trying to step on the toes of those dedicated to voting efforts- Im trying to stop such dedication from becoming a burden on those with alternative dedications.

As to rights- there are a wide variety of rights that Black people have today that we can use but dont; its a shame that voting is seen as the primary obligation cuz the obvious reason is that voting is easy or convenient; well the struggle isnt.

If you are so inclined to live up to what our people died for...

You have the right to bear arms- this means you have a means of defending yourself and your people- given the crimes committed against our people I think those murdered would suggest this right is of the utmost importance.

You have the right to own land- by and large Black people dont own SHIT- this must change. There are places like Beulah Land that will stand to serve this need but I fear if it is not accompanied by similar and numerous efforts on a national level it will burn just like Wacco- and just like the MOVE.

You have the right to enlist in the military- many dont cuz they dont want to fight or die for the system. Look at it this way- the US military offers training and discipline pathologies that are nearly unparalleled throughout the world. If any Black man joins the army he is at risk of being assimilated into an institution that at some point may be turned against the Black community- BUT if that man is dedicated to his community he can bring back a great wealth of military experience to a much needed Black defense initiative.

You have the right to worship freely and be educated- but do you do so fruitfully? Do you study your texts (be they religious or academic) and share that information with people who have no texts to study? Do you retain information? Do extend your research beyond the bounds provided by your religion/curriculum to find information that reinforces it? Do these things so our community can be maintained in the sharing of knowledge not just education- this ensures not just intelligence but self esteem, self determination and purpose.

You have the right to vote- but do you use its to its fullest extent? Me and Boodah are at odds about why Black people should vote- but nonetheless we both agree on HOW they should vote. Vote intensively and actively- more often than once every four years. Educate your community on voting opportunities and voting options. Committed to the community (and that means the entire community not just the constiuency) a Black voter CAN make a change- although I cant say that you will change the government you can change how your community interracts with that government and at least demonstrate that the common man (voter or not) has power. Vote to ensure funding for your district, vote for funding for rehabilitation programs and child care- but dont get played by the game that has so many politicians thinking that the will of the constiuency is all that matters. FUCK A PRESIDENT.

You're not obligated to do any of this but any of this can help our community- if above and beyond all this you have no interest in participating then that too is your right, but your inactivity is not the honor that i meant to represent when challenging the insults made at non voters.

You should vote if you have faith in the system (and have nothing to compel you to not register with it)

OTHERWISE: You should be willing to realize that the alternative to the system as proposed by the US government (at least immediately) is one of strife, poverty, and struggle- one of humility - and one of obligatory discipline. As an American (supposedly) you are entitled to disagree with the system of government available and you also have the right to persue alternative politics. You even have the right to be apolitical- but thats is MOST DEFINITELY not my intention.

If you didnt vote- try studying socialism, separatism, rastafarianism, maybe even Islam. Volunteer with organizations like the UHURU movement, the New Black Panther Party, The Black Hebrews, or the Shrine of the Black Madonna. NEVER EVER FORGET- the freedom riders, the MOVE, Marcus Garvey, the Underground Railroad, the Maroon- the RESISTANCE.