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Topic subjectRE: black/latino relations
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20238, RE: black/latino relations
Posted by guest, Thu Nov-09-00 06:05 PM
I also believe it depends on where you are. I'm from NJ, and my neighborhood was all black and puertorican. The schools that I attended were also the same. It was all love. That's why I was so surprised to come to Miami and see the segregation that exists. From what I have seen, many Blacks and Haitians dislike the Cuban exiles and vice versa. Other people from "up north" that I speak with have also commented on the differences of the black/latino relationship between Miami and other places like NJ/NY.

>then the skin color
>issue within each
>country is VERY real.
>70% of Cuban is black
>but the majority of
>Cubans in America
>are "white"

I experience the skin color issue as well. I've worked in several places where the majority of people have been white cubans. And although there are many black cubans, they're always amazed and taken aback when they find out that I speak spanish. That's when they start asking the "where are you from" and "where is your family from" questions, when a minute ago I was just a black girl. It's almost as if in their eyes white=latino and black =non latino.

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