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20235, Excellent points
Posted by nahymsa, Wed Nov-08-00 11:49 AM
Its common for people to act as if black & "latino" are mutually exclusive when they aren't. Many latinos are black. The difference is the language we speak. Of course culturally there are differences too but thats true for black New Yorkers as opposed to Jamaicans or blacks for New Orleans. Nobody says that these people aren't black. But when it comes to someone from Panama all of a sudden its a different story. There are "black" americans that are lighter & whiter than many latinos. Part of the problem also is the way in which "black" is classified in the US. The one drop rule has lumped together all multi/biracial people of black descent. Whether that's good or bad can be debated but there are certainly difference btwn being a light skinned/passing for white "black" and a darkskinned/couldn't pass for anything but black.