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Topic subjectLatinos Unite?
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20234, Latinos Unite?
Posted by Solarus, Wed Nov-08-00 11:29 AM

Why should Latinos unite in America for some superficial reason other than the fact they speak Spanish? Racial stratification in REAL in Latin America but gross Americans don't know about that. Black Cubans have more in common with Haitians than they do with Dominicans. I was warned that if i went to Dominican republic then I would be viewed as a Haitian before I even opened my mouth! (I am dark-skinned Black man with locks.) I'm not saying that latinos shouldn't unite but one has to be real. Being from a Latin American country is just as superficial as saying that you are from America. If I went to England and I met a White American would i try to unite with him/her? NOO!!! I would be with the Black folks in England because I'm sure we'd have more in common. When my uncles from Panama came to Dallas did they hang with Mexicans. NOOO!!! They befriended others (Black Americans) whom they had more in common with.

As far as the Cuban thing. As in America a definite light vs. dark social stratification exists. Not to say all but many of the lighter-skinned Cubans who come to America are in such of the wealth which is diffiult to accumulate in Cuba (a communist country). So they bring their elitists asses to America. Gloria Estefan and her husband are good examples of white Cubans benefitting from the "American Dream." If Cuba is so bad why is the majority of the island literate (i think 99%)? Why do they send constant aid to African nations battling the neocolonial governments? Why do African American revolutionies seek exile in Cuba? Why did Harlem world give Castro such a big reception? Why is New York the only city that he can go to? This isn't to say that there are no racial problems in Cuba (santeros experiencing discrimination in religious practices). However when America hates you and the elitist art of the population leaves then you deserve some props.