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Topic subjectRE: Latinos=White Supremacist Spanish Hodge-Podge
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20233, RE: Latinos=White Supremacist Spanish Hodge-Podge
Posted by azucar18, Wed Nov-08-00 02:21 AM
The main
>connection between Latinos is Spanish
>language and culture. Only
>white supremacy benefits by viewing
>all as the same and
>then uplifting the "normative" image
>of white LAtinos.

so are you saying that those of us who are mexican, panamanian, colombian, dominican, etc., *shouldn't* wish to unite? just because i am dominican doesn't mean that i can't relate to my mexican brothers and sisters or my puerto rican brothers and sisters. and it also doesn't mean that i think that there is a "latin look" or type or anything. if we're united we could definitely prove that there is no type as far as skin color is concerned.

but that's just my naive opinion.


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