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Topic subjectRE: Latinos=White Supremacist Spanish Hodge-Podge
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20232, RE: Latinos=White Supremacist Spanish Hodge-Podge
Posted by brzlngrl, Thu Nov-09-00 08:24 PM
about the cuba situation...i only know un poco...what i know is this is that the majority of cubans here are conservatives and white...and they were among the wealthy when castro took over the lands as government property...this is why that hate castro and communism..porque batista (i belive this to be his name) kissed their asses...and sold his precious land to americans and american corporations...many owned a couple of homes and held much of the wealth in cuba...the blacks at that time did not have that wealth and did not share in that loss....the ones here from what i hear (all i can go on is hearsay) have their own prejudices against darker skinned cubans....

mucho amor y paz.

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