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20225, In Texas
Posted by k_orr, Mon Nov-06-00 08:48 AM

Some Mexicans don't like blacks, and some Blacks don't like Mexicans.

Blacks on mexicans
- I always think they are talking about me when they speak spanish (I don't know how many times I've heard black folk say that).
- they steal

Mexicans on blacks
- they're dangerous hoodlums
- they steal
- they're after our women (my ex only went for brothers, and her female family members of the same age were split, only black folks or only spanish speakers. She said she gotta a lotta flack from mexican brothers trying to push up.)

Cubanos, Boricuas, and other folks of euro/afro/indian/indigenous descent that happen to speak Spanish aren't as plentiful here in Texas. When I was at home in brooklyn, Puerto Rican folks were called Spanish. And of course spanish included Cubanos too. My great grandmother who was white cuban, and she didn't like black people, and most of the "white" side of my family didn't either. I don't think I understand how my grandmother came into being, considering my grandfather was Jamaican. But Island people are funny.

But colorism is also something within Mexican culture that I wasn't up on. Just like black folks have light vs dark, so do some of the Mexican folks I know. Sometimes you are not brown enough. And lord help you if you were Mexican and didn't speak spanish.

The South is messed up though. I think a lot of the minorities take on the mindset of some members of the majority here. It is very common to see black folks hate on black folks, and brown on brown, particularly in a commercial setting.

k. orr