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20216, ummmm....
Posted by Inez, Sun Nov-05-00 07:16 PM
Well in detroit & chicago I never noticed tension , but there were definitely differences.

never analyzed those two areas because they were harmonious enough to co-exist, although I do know that in detroit a lot of the latin gangs have blacks in them...and vice versa I think.

but I lived in Dallas and that shit was the opposite...at least in the areas I was in. I am often mistaken as latina, and always was in Dallas. So when I moved there I was jolted out of my reality. because in detroit I had friends of all races & lived & interacted with both freely. First night I moved to Dallas I went into a liquor store in a black neighborhood and it was evident that I wasn't supposed to be there from the looks I got and overhearing people talking. and since that was the issue, I stayed with the mexicans because those of "european" decent were often so damned condescending, asking me if I ever worked in the fields as a picker & shit. & staying with the mexicans i heard a lot of rascist comments directed towards blacks.

I just don't understand that...twas a new thing, definitely

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