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Topic subjecta few corrections
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19652, a few corrections
Posted by Theory7, Fri Nov-10-00 04:54 AM
>Oh please. If you can't
>tell that an ARROW means
>PUNCH HERE, then you don't
>need to be voting.

The ballot I saw had no arrows. They were lines that were suppose to section off the holes.

>I'll cut the double punchers
>some slack, but the ones
>that voted Buchanan while intended
>for Gore are a bunch
>of morons.

Morons? Only if they REALLY intended to vote for Buchanan.

>but it was a given
>that Bush wanted Colin Powell
>as Secretary of State.
>Hell, Powell is the most
>powerful man in Washington,

Uh, and President is a close 2nd right?

>could have became president in
>either the 96 or the
>2000 elections.


And where are you from again? I like your optimism but I don't think that Colin Powell would've been elected President. And I'm a black man, who longs for the day there will be a black president. He has alot of Democrat in him, and he wouldn't get past the Republican Primary.

You still have people defending Confederate Flag, there was a state that just Tuesday lifted a ban on "inter-racial dating", you have people defending Bob Jones University and you can honestly believe that the Jesse Helms and Strom Thurman voters of the South will vote for Colin Powell???

>Blah. It just goes to
>show that elections shouldn't be
>focused on highly populated areas.

I'm not sure what that means.

> If you New Yorkers
>actually represented the kind of
>voter that's in the rest
>of America, then this country
>is doomed.

Yeah, I'd rather this country resembled Texas. *rolling eyes*

Hillary Clinton
>simply used that Senate seat
>to make a run for
>the White House either in
>04 or 08, pending if
>Gore pulls this one out.
> The liberal press is
>going to give her so
>much attention it's silly.
>She'll only go one term,
>if that much. Congratulations
>in allowing your state to
>be a doorstep on her
>return to power. I'm
>sure the other states are

Don't be envious, just look in the mirror and say "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and dog-gonnit people like me."