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Posted by tashiko, Wed Nov-08-00 12:25 PM
On discussing the states that "Bush took" you are missing a key understanding in your logic. Bush got electoral votes, and not many of them. The popular vote i.e. the actual people's voices, went to Gore. The electoral voters are supposed to go with the popular majority, but they are not required to by every state. some get fines, few jail time, but many no consequence. Also who do you think become electoral voters? We'll make it even more general... from what Socio-Economic class do you think the electoral college voters come from. ... interesting isn't it.

The popular vote this year meant a lot especially when you look at how many people actually came out to vote. 10% of the voters were black which is huge considering that only 12 % of americans are black!

And as for the corruptness going on in Florida (which is VERY, VERY REAL) it is going on everywhere. Florida is just under the mic right now because of the way the states turned in their votes. But this shit is happening everywhere. Listen to the radio stations... there is so much more than meets the eye here.

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