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19637, RE: double hmmmm
Posted by Expertise, Thu Nov-09-00 03:32 AM
Did I say the government was controlled by urban interests now? NO.

I said the Electoral College helps to stop that from happening. The Electoral College gives states recognition that normally wouldn't have much attention any other way in a presidential race, such as some of the Midwestern states. Most of the attention would go to the states that are densely populated and have high numbers of metropolitan areas. Therefore the smaller states could be left out in the cold. If it wasn't for those smaller states this year, Bush wouldnt have had a chance in this election.

As for this being an urban site, I don't really know where the hq for this place is (nor do I care, to be honest), but if I'm not mistakening people all over the world visit this site, and it's doubtful that all come from urban areas. Another thing, don't try to make the word "urban" seem as if its a code word. Urban does not mean minority, although it may in your book.