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Posted by Expertise, Thu Nov-09-00 04:23 AM
No doubt I do. The Electoral College allows smaller states that usually wouldn't have much of a voice to influence an election to collaborate and give them equal footing for highly populated states.

Also to understand the Electoral College is to understand the founding of this nation. The federal government didn't make the states. The STATES made the federal government. Therefore they ultimately should have the power individually to decide the leaders of the federal government within their own boundaries. That way, they indeed all have a voice. No doubt if it wasn't for even a state like Montana, or Alabama, or even New Hampshire (the only NE state Bush carried), then Bush would have been screwed. If he does win Florida, he will only have a majority in the College by one point.....and that's, and I emphasize, that's IF none of the electorate voters, particularly in Florida, turn tail and succomb under pressure to change their vote.