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Topic subjectyou're absolutely right
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19628, you're absolutely right
Posted by TinkyWinky, Wed Nov-08-00 01:00 PM
shell, expertise, this nation has been dominate by colored urban interests for FAR too long. when will the suburban white man finally rise and overthrow this oppression???

btw, expertise, you say bush should get the nod. well, if gore wins florida, do you still think bush should get the nod? i mean, are you saying he should get it anyway, even if he's not actually legitimately elected? or were you just saying that you fully expect him to get florida? because if it's the latter, you're probably right, although as president i think he'll do only a slightly shittier job than gore would have. btw, did you vote libertarian or republican? i'm curious.

http://www.greatergood.com (hit two in one now)

i held out, but i finally put an IM in my sig. me and steve talking isht about biz markie:
Gigfog: He scares me alot
Gigfog: he's like king kong
Xkrh1X: LOL
Xkrh1X: you're fucked up
Gigfog: I saw him at the hotel with a biz markie sweater on LOL
Gigfog: I was like "why wear a sweater with your name on it?"
Xkrh1X: in case he forgets
Xkrh1X: lol
Gigfog: HAHAHAHa
Gigfog: just in case he gets lost..the police can contact his owner
Xkrh1X: yeah, you didn't see, but it has his address and a contact number on the back
Gigfog: hAHAHA
Xkrh1X: "if found, please call..."
Gigfog: and his proof of rabies vaccination?
Xkrh1X: LOL
Gigfog: man I am mean
Gigfog: LOL
Xkrh1X: yeah, you also may have just made my signature
Xkrh1X: lol


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