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19622, RE: A Democrat created the ballot!!!
Posted by illosopher, Fri Nov-10-00 12:11 AM
Racial Intimidation -- The Sun Sentinel in Broward County reported that four white Florida Highway Patrol troopers set up a checkpoint near a Baptist church where voters in a heavily black district cast their ballots. Florida Democratic Party chairman Bob Poe told ABC News that the troopers seemed to have their "lights flashing and ticketing people."

The U.S. Department of Justice and the Florida attorney general are reportedly investigating a civil rights complaint that was filed in response to the checkpoint charging that it was intended to intimidate black voters.

Democratic Party officials also said that reports of possible voter intimidation in some African American precincts were cropping up. According to Jesse Jackson, black voters in Florida and other southern states were told there were no more ballots or that the polls were closed. "What we need is not just a recount by hand, but also a thorough investigation," Jackson told ABC News.