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Posted by bshelly, Thu Nov-09-00 06:36 AM

>Considering that Palm Beach residents can't
>even read a simple ballot
>card, SOMEONE needs to mention
>voter intelligence.

Considering that the State of Florida and the City of Fort Lauderdale broke its own law in how they set up the ballot, SOMEONE needs to mention Republican shadiness.

Bush X

X Buchanan

Gore X

The fixing of this process is obvious, and not done in a way that it will only screw the lesser educated. You want to vote for Gore. The second name you see, on casual glance, is Gore. So you pull the second lever.

This kind of philandering goes on in every state. The problem here is that Florida has a law on its books that says the lever for each canidate on the ballot must appear to the RIGHT of his/her name. So in the area of the disputed Buchanan votes, where this ballot appeared, any self-respecting judge should demand a revote in the area

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