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19616, hmmmmm.....
Posted by Expertise, Wed Nov-08-00 02:50 AM
I don't like the sound of this. I personally would like to see a clear cut winner. The Florida Recount will be controversial for a long time to come, especially since South Florida has had a history of voter fraud and scandals, mainly in the favor of the Democratic Party.

I think Bush should get the nod. Although he lost the popular vote by a small margin, he has had the support of way more states than Gore. The only states Gore took were in the Northeast, California, New Mexico, Michigan, and Illinois. The rest supported Bush. Bush even took Gore AND Clinton's home states. I am seeing this as an urban vs. rural area matchup. Gore is taking the urban and metropolitan loaded states while Bush is getting the rest. Thank goodness the Fathers saw this coming, and made sure there was a fair shake in both the presidential election, but also on how Congress was shaped and districted. If not for them, we could have had urban dominance in this election, and given the election of that brewhag, Hillary Clinton, we can tell most of them aren't that bright to begin with.