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19615, RE: it's over /blame Nader
Posted by spirit, Wed Nov-08-00 02:25 PM
>satan still had gore beat by
>over 1k votes when i
>checked the news at 545am
>if (when) bush wins, we can
>all thank every single person
>who voted for ralph nader.

The reason why Buchanan isn't taking more votes from Bush is because Bush is a better candidate to the right than Gore is to the left. Gore has given the Left virtually no reason to support him and he is hoping the Left will do so out of fear.

Despite the "nader effect", last I checked (a few hours ago on cnn.com) Gore was AHEAD of Bush in the popular AND the electoral college vote. So how do you 'nader spoiler" theorists explain that?

If Gore loses, it's because he gave too few people reason to vote FOR him.

And I think Gore will win.

But it looks like this election may be decided in a courtroom. There is a suit already being filed to enjoin the State of Florida to hold the vote AGAIN.

There are also allegations that Florida sheriffs stopped blacks who were on their way to the polls!! Maaaaan, looks like some serious civil rights suits are about to be filed.

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