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19612, my point
Posted by grannie, Fri Nov-10-00 07:40 AM

any government official is a dickhead, we can all agree to that. this includes Ralph Nader, too.

but a Gore administration, in my opinion, would be less unbearable than a Bush one. we've already survived a Bush administration..big george almost single handedly led the country into a second depression, remember?

My goal, as was the goal of MOST Gore, i think, voters wasn't to make Gore president but to keep bush from becoming president.

Nader voters argue that they voted their conscience. well what did it get them? self-satisfaction in knowing they did so? great. but it also got them Gee Dub as their president (maybe).

is that what they wanted? i mean, i understand their point that neither candidate was desireable..but why vote for someone who had no chance of defeating either candidate? the lesser of the two evils would seem to me to be, unfortunately, the best chance at keeping Gee Dub out of the white house.

so if i HAD to point a finger, it would be aimed squarely at those who, in my opinion, threw their votes away on Ralph Nader.

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