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19608, Ursus....
Posted by tashiko, Wed Nov-08-00 12:18 PM
Ursus the shame of it is... you missed the point.

No candidate is going to be perfect. It's the issues that they and their party stand for. Being that these two (Gore/Bush) are practically polar opposites, one of the two have to represent something, issue, concern that represents you. If you are looking at the men and not the causes that are going to affect you... then you missed it.

And so did your vote.

Peace, Love and Soul
Love's not competing, its on your side
You're in Life's picture, so why must you cry?
It's okay, please dont delay from smilin', ple-eee-ee-ee-ee-ee-eeease
There are brighter days ahead
Dont comb your mane down
Instead, muster the patience to scrub your incisors
Dont cover your scent; rinse your muscles
Reasons, not rules, make us strong
This is a feeling, nurtured in solitude: I've stolen time from myself
I give it back,
Like a King.