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Topic subjectCapitalism is half the problem...
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19461, Capitalism is half the problem...
Posted by guest, Thu Jan-25-01 09:58 PM
It is a fact that not only is this country a capitalist country whose very structure must include the exploiter and the exploited, but it is also true that Afrikan people are held in the position of the exploited. Capitalism in this country is not color blind or the ruling class would be made up of more than just white males. Racist color lines were never erased in this country. They were just covered up a little. Yet our children are still being taught white supremacy and misogyny in school. Black people are still being criminalized and repressed in poor communities, and the Blacks that were allowed to step out and experience the illusion of being "middle class" get locked into a sort of limbo where they look up to see a glass ceiling keeping them from tasting the true fruits of freedom and look back to see that they no longer have entry into their old neighborhoods. We are the fuel that feed this imperialist country, and you don't put fuel in the driver's seat. The fuel, in order to remain useful, must continue to be placed in the fuel tank and processed or conditioned in a manner useful to the machine. So this is one reason why we are continually conditioned to be slaves and white children are conditioned to be rulers. This is the way that European culture runs. We could go into some of the psychological reasons why, but it is just as native son said. This culture is racist, misogynistic, exploitative (capitalist), and imperialistic. To state that the problem is just capitalism would be like looking at my arm and saying that it is me. It is a part of me, but it is only a PART of the whole me.

"If our education is not about gaining real power, we are being miseducated and misled and we will die 'educated' and misled."
-Amos Wilson, The Falsification of Afrikan Consciousness