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Topic subjectRacisim v. Economic Oppression
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19455, Racisim v. Economic Oppression
Posted by delsbrothergeorge, Wed Jan-24-01 10:54 PM
Now I know history shows that institutionalized racism manifests as economic oppression--which would seem to inextricably and forever link the two ideas.

But I'm curious. Given that there is a widening gap between the haves and have nots (not limited to color), should the "revolution" focus its energies on the battle between rich and poor? This with the goal of promoting positive race dogma when that battle is won.

Or should the battle on behalf of people of color (black, brown, yellow, etc) continue as it has been fought for centuries?

I guess I'm wondering if it's okay to say that the basic race battles have been fought and won in the US. And if so, is it now time for the battle to shift to one of economics? Or should the battle be something else entirely?

If that sounds really muddled, please forgive.

---I'm here---

19456, What are the basic race battles? n/m
Posted by NSZ, Thu Jan-25-01 02:31 AM
'Not merely a concrete test of the underlying principles of the great republic is the Negro Problem, and the spiritual striving of the freedmen's sons is the travail of souls whose burden is almost beyond the measure of their strength, but the name of this land of their fathers' fathers, and in the name of human opportunity'-- W.E.B. Du Bois
19457, are you proposing that
Posted by k_orr, Thu Jan-25-01 05:24 AM
Middle and upper class minorities need to focus on providing social/economic/educational mobility to lower/working class people?

k. orr

19458, I think so
Posted by delsbrothergeorge, Mon Jan-29-01 01:20 AM
As an example, it seems to me that the Black middle class has established such a legacy that it is simply inaccurate to talk about Blacks/African Americans/whatever as one goup of people. This example of class schism within one ethnic/racial group is well documented.

So I think my original question is asking if it still makes sense for racism as an ideology to be fought against. Or is it wiser to focus the energies of the revolution on the widening economic gap?

Or are the two always linked and to be fought simultaneously?

---I'm here---

19459, my two cents
Posted by guest, Thu Jan-25-01 07:29 AM
i'm sick of the "your people did this...well YOUR people did THIS" routine. when we gon realize that capitalism sees no color? that shit's a smokescreen to keep the poor from seeing the real deal: there's money to be made and we can all get some.
19460, RE: my two cents
Posted by native_son, Thu Jan-25-01 09:24 AM
i think structures of domination are intersecting and that it is pointless to find the "ultimate" source of oppression. While eliminating capitalism may address inequities in class, it will not purge western culture of its racisms and sexism. Race, gender and class all function as relatively independant, yet connected structures of domination, they all must be dismantled. one instance that illustrates how confouding these structures can be was the OJ simpson case. What was the key factor in that case, was it that OJ had the money to buy the best legal team in the world(class), or was it that OJ was a black man being set up by the police(race) or was it that OJ was a man that beat his wife(gender), or was it all of these factors in a mangled knott? Advocates for each position vehemently argued their case, but imagine eliminating one factor, such as class, would not the problem persist?

i think folks like to reduce the struggle to a single factor like, "its all class" or "its all race", because including one of these contesting elements could potentially indict them. Folks like to be righteous but they dont like to be culpable.

but to answer your question:
a. race
b. class
c. gender/sexuality
d. all of the above

i go for D

native son
19461, Capitalism is half the problem...
Posted by guest, Thu Jan-25-01 09:58 PM
It is a fact that not only is this country a capitalist country whose very structure must include the exploiter and the exploited, but it is also true that Afrikan people are held in the position of the exploited. Capitalism in this country is not color blind or the ruling class would be made up of more than just white males. Racist color lines were never erased in this country. They were just covered up a little. Yet our children are still being taught white supremacy and misogyny in school. Black people are still being criminalized and repressed in poor communities, and the Blacks that were allowed to step out and experience the illusion of being "middle class" get locked into a sort of limbo where they look up to see a glass ceiling keeping them from tasting the true fruits of freedom and look back to see that they no longer have entry into their old neighborhoods. We are the fuel that feed this imperialist country, and you don't put fuel in the driver's seat. The fuel, in order to remain useful, must continue to be placed in the fuel tank and processed or conditioned in a manner useful to the machine. So this is one reason why we are continually conditioned to be slaves and white children are conditioned to be rulers. This is the way that European culture runs. We could go into some of the psychological reasons why, but it is just as native son said. This culture is racist, misogynistic, exploitative (capitalist), and imperialistic. To state that the problem is just capitalism would be like looking at my arm and saying that it is me. It is a part of me, but it is only a PART of the whole me.

"If our education is not about gaining real power, we are being miseducated and misled and we will die 'educated' and misled."
-Amos Wilson, The Falsification of Afrikan Consciousness

19462, RE: Racisim v. Economic Oppression
Posted by guest, Thu Jan-25-01 10:56 PM
Why must there be a battle? We should instead focus our efforts on an awakening. One human race. United we stand, etc.