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Topic subjectWhat I'm wonderin
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19437, What I'm wonderin
Posted by notnac, Mon Dec-18-00 12:34 AM
Those that condemn homosexuality...are they doing it out of love and concern for the homosexual's well being, or just for the feeling of "I know the Bible more than you do, and I have the power to decide how much God thinks of you"? Christians are supposed to walk in love...first of all you are supposed to offer peace.....if the peace don't come back, then you don't press on no more, you go on elsewhere.....Christians sometimes seem to be frustrated and want to condemn and complain until THEY, not God, has control over the "sinner". You don't go about preaching the Word by speaking about the person's abomination, you speak of upliftment, and the fact that Christ loves, lives, and died for us, regardless of whatever....Once the person accepts that he/she is embraced by the Father, then he can willingly grow in the Word....Pushing YOUR agenda ain't gonna work....God wants us how we are, not how YOU want em....Let Him do the work, I'm sure you got your own life to keep on the straight and narrow...you plant seeds in others,and water them....you can't pull em out of the ground when you feel like it....you let em grow.

"....For if their purpose or activity is of
human origin, it will fail. But if it is
from God, you will not be able to stop
these men; you will only find
yourselves fighting against God."
Acts 5:38