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Topic subjectRE: Gays & Hell
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19436, RE: Gays & Hell
Posted by guest, Sun Dec-17-00 05:08 PM
>Do most people belive homosexuality is
>a sin,

dont know...

>and all gay
>people are going to burn
>in hell?
lets say hypothetically homosexuality is a sin. what makes that any greater a sin then any other? we all sin...i mean ALL OF US! if sin is the basis for going to hell then we are all going no matter weather your choice of sin is fibbing or not keeping the sabbath day holy or having a same sex relationship...so grab a gay friends hand and dose doh cus you and i are gonna burn toO under that logic!
i find it commical how people like to make out other peoples sins out to weigh more then their own. im guilty of it too but logically it doesnt make any sense. even your most holy of holy men sins and he is no better or worse then the next man.

>My best friend and i have
>debated this recently and she
>beleives this. I just have
>a difficult time accepting that
>if GOD is LOVE,

yes he is...

>this would be the case...

>What do you all think?

read above!

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