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Topic subjectRE: Gays & Hell
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19435, RE: Gays & Hell
Posted by guest, Sun Dec-17-00 09:56 AM
i do not think that all gay people are going to hell, although i dont believe in hell, so i guess i just dont think that it is wrong. i think that it may not be the smartest lifestyle to choose, (being openly gay at least, cuz people always say that they cant change being gay) because the majority of people dont except gays, and the fact that sex is for reproduction. to love someone of the same sex is completely different from being sexually attracted to them, and i think that a lot of times people think that they are gay when they really just are different and that is a popular persona to take on today, because we hear so much about the issue. but i have no problem with gay people as long as they dont expect me to be involved in that part of their lives. a few of my close friends are gay, or claim to be, but that hasnt changed our relationships, well, except with one girl who now says shes a lesbian. interesting topic. peace out to all

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